Nicol of Skene - Vacuum Excavation Unit

Nicol of Skene have taken delivery of a new piece of kit in the shape of an MTS CITY DINO.

vaccum 5

The City Dino is built on a small FL6 Volvo lorry chassis and has the capacity to hold 2m3 of excavated material.  The Vacuum excavation unit is both safer and cleaner for carrying out excavation in narrow trenches.  The City Dino also significantly reduces the likelihood and damage caused should utilities be present in the excavation.

vaccum 2

While our City Dino may be small it has the same power as larger units.  Our compact unit allows us to get into very tight city and residential locations with ease.

If you are interested in having works carried out using the Nicol of Skene Suction Excavator please call us on 01224 744473 or drop us an email on