Nicol of Skene are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Westhill 10k Race!

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Being held on Sunday 12th June 2016, the 'Nicol of Skene (Westhill) 10k' aims to raise funds to improve sport and leisure facilities in Westhill and the surrounding area.  The race is being organised by Westhill & District Community Sport and Leisure Hub (WDCSH) who have a number of member sports clubs, including Westdyke Community Club, and aim to improve facilities across the community and encourage participation in sport.

More info about WDCSH is found on their website

Funds raised by the Nicol of Skene (Westhill) 10k will also be distributed to the race's partner charity SensationalALL.  

Based in Westhill, SensationALL provides multi-sensory experiences for children and adults with disabilities, multiple support needs and their families.  More information can be found here

We are delighted to offer our support and lend our name to the ‘Nicol of Skene (Westhill) 10k’ and we look forward to a long lasting partnership with the Westhill & District Community Sport and Leisure Hub. 

We strongly believe in investing in our local area and in supporting the Nicol of Skene (Westhill) 10k we hope to encourage our local community to take part, get fit and raise funds for the WDCSH and their partner charity SensationALL.

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